Friday  1-3pm-Michelle Joyce, “Beyond the Bubble: How to achieve recognition outside of your local Belly dance community.” (This class is limited in number & excluded from the weekend pass: it is available as an add-on during registration)

Saturday 9-11am- Bozenka,”The Bozenka Experience”/ 9-10:30am Cyndi Eliott, “ATS for Soloists”

Saturday 11-12:30pm- Ziah Ali, “The Infamous Zill Drill”/ 11-12:30pm-Frank Farinaro,”Intro to Hammerhead Sharqi Technique”

Saturday 12:30-1:30pm Lunch lecture-Madame Onca O’Leary, “Business Smarts for Performance Arts”

Saturday 1:30-3:30pm- Donna Mejia, “Beyond Stationery Practice: Transnational Fusion in Full Blown Motion”/ 1:30-3:00pm Victoria Teel, ” The Teel Fan Method”

Saturday 3:30-5:30pm-Michelle Joyce,”The Wow Factor: Direction changes and Level Variations”/ 3:30-5:00pm-Frank Farinaro,”Pop Raqs”

Sunday 9:00-11:00am Bozenka,”Latin/Arabic Combinations”/ 9:00-10:30am-Ziah Ali, ”Folk and Early Foundations of Modern Bellydance”

Sunday 11-1:00pm-Donna Mejia, “Impulse, Momentum and Fluidity”/ 11-12:30pm-Victoria Teel, “Veil Technique & Choreography”

Sunday 12:30-1:30pm Lunch Lecture-Madame Onça O’Leary, “Ask Me Anything”

Sunday 1:30-3pm Cyndi Eliott,” ATS Immersion”

Sunday 4:30-6pm ECC 2015 Judging Panel, ” So you got some questions about your score or comments?”( This is an opportunity for competitors only & is excluded from the full weekend pass:details on how to purchase on the competitor page)


VIP Full Package/$310 includes all classes except Friday Michelle Joyce & Sunday ECC Judging Panel, includes 3 show tickets, front row supper club style seating, an exclusive ECC performer swag bag & a bottle of wine during the gala show Saturday!

Basic Full Package/$245 includes all classes except Friday Michelle Joyce & Sunday ECC  Judging Panel also includes 1 show ticket

Day Pass: Saturday/ $145 All Classes on Saturday

Day Pass:Sunday/$145 All Classes Sunday except the ECC Judging Panel

Saturday Tribal Tribal Trimmings Day Pass/$125  Donna Mejia, Frank Farinaro, Ziah Ali, Cyndi Eliott & Madame Onça O’Leary

Sunday Tribal Trimmings Day Pass/$125 Donna Mejia, Frank Farinaro, Ziah Ali, Cyndi Eliott & Madame Onça O’Leary

Saturday Mirrors & Bugle Beads/$125 Bozenka, Michelle Joyce, Victoria Teel, Ziah Ali, Madame Onça O’Leary

Sunday Mirrors & Bugle Beads/$125 Bozenka, Michelle Joyce, Victoria Teel, Ziah Ali, Madame Onça O’Leary Excludes ECC Judging Panel WS(available to competitors only as a separate add on)

Mini Pass: Belly Supporter/$55 includes t-shirt,both business lunch lectures, gala show ticket

A la Carte Options:

2 hour Workshops/55

90 minute Workshops/35

Friday night competition viewing/7

Saturday Gala Show/18

Saturday Post Gala Show dinner/20

Saturday & Sunday Lunches/20

Payment plan available with $50 non-refundable deposit unless event is cancelled

All Workshops available for purchase at the door! Come on out and take some classes with us!

Crowne Plaza Marina

700 Settlers Landing Road


Workshop Descriptions

Michelle Joyce – Beyond the Bubble: How to Achieve Recognition Outside of Your Local Belly dance Community :
A Professional Growth Workshop –  Don’t be known as your local community’s “best kept secret”. Burst out onto the international stage! Stop sitting around waiting to be discovered and learn practical strategies for increasing your exposure and propelling your dance career  forward. Everything from winning competitions to filming DVDs will be discussed in this one-of-a-kind seminar. Michelle will also share insider information about working with workshop sponsors, photographers, DVD producers, and event organizers.

Bozenka – The Bozenka Experience : Let yourself be inspired, entertained and challenged in this upbeat masterclass with Bozenka. Students will learn three beautiful combinations filled with Bozenka’s Signature moves that they can apply to their own dance repertoire. Instruction will be given on immaculate and dynamic hip technique, graceful and fluid upper body posture and stage presence. Bozenka is known for challenging students while bringing out the best in each dancer at their individual level.

Cyndi Eliott – ATS For Soloists:  ATS is by usually characterized by its emphasis on group improvisation, so you might be wondering what this workshop is all about. It is designed to enhance your vocabulary and test your comfort level. Learn to dance with your music, still applying leading and following cues, but your dance partners are now the drums, string instruments, and flutes. For an ATS solo to be successful and effective, you must learn how to dance within the boundaries of your ATS Box while that box is in motion. Students will learn more about cueing, taking and exiting the stage, attention-getting moves that cover the most ground,  and engaging the audience to can bring them into the dance.

Ziah Ali – The Infamous Zill Drill:  Beginning  with drills to connect feet, hands and arm movement together while playing zills. These drills are useful to integrate into your weekly classes. We will go through breakdown of rhythms and learning appropriate accents within the rhythms to build improvisational skills. All students will be amazed at their zill playing at the end of the workshop. Good workshop for non-tribal attendees.

Frank Farinaro – Intro to Hammerhead Sharqi Technique: What is Hammerhead Sharqi Dance Technique? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! Get ready to delve into the mind of Frank Farinaro in this intensive where we learn to take the creative process and turn it on its head. Learn Frank’s secrets to creating dynamic performances (choreographed or improvised) by working from end to beginning. With tips on audience psychology, Method acting, geometry, athletic conditioning, bio-system awareness, internal expansion, and injury repair/prevention, this intensive is dense with information on how to turn your dance technique into dance instinct. When the technical becomes instinctual the dance becomes second nature.

Madame Onca O’Leary – Business Smarts for Performance Arts : The jump from being an artist to making a living in the arts is both exciting and risky. Save yourself time, money, and misery with this empowering overview of important tools and ideas for the working artist. It’s easier to sell IT, if you know what IT is, and essential that you release guilt or confusion about being paid for your art. We’ll explore vital concepts of professionalism, fair return on work, finding your unique brand, having a business plan, DIY marketing, community coalition building, sponsorships, and more. Make the leap!

Donna Mejia – Beyond Stationery Practice: Transnational Fusion in Full Blown Motion :  This workshop re-visions the practice of fixed feet and unmoving isolations to an exploration of dynamic traveling progressions. Donna Mejia will present a stimulating class involving strong cardio/pulmonary engagement, firestorm drills, short moving combinations across the floor, and bi-directional/asymmetrical use of the limbs. This workshop may be best suited for dancers with at least 2 consistent years of experience in Near Easters dance. However, adjustments and accommodations will be plentiful for participants with less experience. Athletic attire will work best, and optional footwear (flat dance shoes) and knee pads may be helpful for those with sensitive joints and feet.

Victoria Teel – The Teel Fan Method :  Victoria will introduce a new method and variation on the ancient Asian-influenced prop, the flutter fan. Inspired by the breathless and elegance of Chinese silk, the Teel Fan method presents techniques & combinations used to create beautiful fan dancing. No prior experience with fan veil is required. This workshop is suggested for Advanced Beginners or higher, and one short flutter fan will be provided.

Michelle Joyce – The Wow Factor:Direction Changes & Level Variations: A technique & fitness workshop. The secret to an exciting performance is to keep the audience guessing what you will do next. Learn several tips and tricks for putting an unexpected twist on regular belly dance movements. We will focus on contrast, direction changes, level variations, interrupting the movement, playing with timing, and cute accents. You will walk away with several performance-ready combinations as well as dozens of new tools to give your dance the “wow” factor! This workshop is suggested for Intermediate and above.

Frank Farinaro – Pop Raqs : In this workshop we learn how to take Oriental and Tribal style bellydance moves and fuse them with popular dance moves from today’s dance club scene and put them into a fun choreography to a Top 40 dance hit!

Bozenka – Latin/Arabic Fusion Combinations : Learn how to put your Salsa, Mambo, Cha-Cha and more into your belly dancing. This moderately paced class will teach you simply and flavorful combinations to incorporate into your own dance routine. This workshop is suggested for Intermediate Levels and higher.

Ziah Ali – Folk and Early Foundations of Modern Dance : What are the historical foundations of our modern take on bellydance? Learn how Badia Masbni, Mahmoud Reda, Morocco, Jamilla Samilpour, and others took folk dance forms of Middle Eastern dances to create what we modernly call “bellydance”.

 Donna Mejia – Impulse, Momentum, and Fluidity : This class will explore continuums of movements: the uninterrupted flow of movement in both the standing body (transferred as waves) and traveling body (progressions across the floor). We will investigate the idea of obstructions and default movements habits. Our class objective is NOT to create a specific style or aesthetic of dance. Rather, we will work our way through common pattern of resistance. Participants can expect a substantial and vigorous warmup (please bring a yoga mat), followed by short phrases of choreography danced across the room. We will give special focus to traveling patterns in the feet, and integration of hip/torso work in conjunction with traveling. Building confidence with improvisation and perpetuity is what we’re aiming for. As always expect the best music in the universe, dignity, honesty, and much laughter.

Victoria Teel – Veil Technique & Choreography : Don’t let your veil drag you down! Learn Victoria’s unique veil technique that is internationally recognized. She covers concepts of how to effectively incorporate your veil into your dance, how to prevent veil malfunctions, and how to enter and exit with the veil. To demonstrate these concepts, students will learn a mini choreography. Experience with the veil is highly encouraged, and be sure to bring your own veil. This workshop is suggested for Intermediate Levels or higher.

Madame Onca O’Leary – Ask Me Anything! :Need information? Come to a place where no topic is taboo! This session starts by busting wide open a few of the myths prevalent in the BellyVerse, and opens the floor to questions from participants on a wide range of ‘unmentionables’. Explore ideas and solutions in building community, branding and marketing, managing troupe dynamics, drama trauma, and so much more. If it pertains to life in this genre, lay it on the table!

Cyndi Eliott – ATS Immersion : This workshop shall bring you the knowledge of ATS! Beginning with a brief review of the basics and moving right on in to a more advanced vocabulary, you will be able to dance and create art with your partner without saying a word. Moves that will be covered include the Double Back, Arabic Shimmy with Arms and Turns, Sununda, The Sahra Turn, Wrap Around, and Camel (1, 2, and loco).  Come prepared to dance and drill throughout the class and help solidify your ATS vocabulary. A basic knowledge of ATS is suggested, but a brief review will be provided to ensure proper execution of moves and posture. Please bring your zills, and be ready to play!