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10:00am -12:00pm Sharon Kihara  – Long and Strong

12:30 – 2:30pm  Jillina  – Sensational Sharqi

2:30 – 4:30pm  Karim Nagi  – Arab Folk Dance Intensive

6:00 – 8:00pm Professional Competition & Semi-Professional Competition


9:00 – 11:00am Jillina  – Poco Loco Percussion

9:00 – 10:30am Lacey Sanchez   – ATS, ITS, Tribal Improv… What does it all mean?

9:00-10:30am Aaliyah JennyOur Authentic Selves: What is YOUR story?

11:00 – 12:30pm Karolina Lux   – Le Shimmy – Vaudeville for bellydancers

11:00 – 12:30pm Katayoun  – Persian Dance Choreography

12:30 – 1:30pm  Paolo Garbanzo  – Lighting 101

1:30 – 3:00pm Lisa ZahiyaI’ve Got 99 Problems, But a Shimmy Ain’t One

1:30 – 3:30pm  Sharon Kihara  – Tribal Fusion Strengthening Technique

3:30 – 5:00pm  Katayoun  – Khaleeji & Bandari

3:30 – 5:00pm  Tiffani Ahdia  – Ballet for Bellydancers

8:00 – 10:00pm  Gala Show


9:00 – 11:00am  Jillina  – Rak and Romance

9:00 – 10:30am Lacey Sanchez  – Folkloric Fun with Finger Cymbals

9:00- 10:30 NefertitiTake me to Tarib

11:00am – 12:30pm  Karolina Lux  – Look Alive! Theatrical Expression for Bellydancers

11:00am – 12:30pm  Lisa Zahiya  – Hip Hop Fusion

11:00am – 12:30pm  Tiffani Ahdia  – Mahraganat Shaabi

12:30 – 1:30pm  Paolo Garbanzo  – Pay Taxes like an Artist!

1:30 – 3:30pm  Karim Nagi  – Musicality for Dancers

1:30 – 3:30 Sharon Kihara  – Shazam!! Drum Solos are better than Coffee!

2:00 – 4:00pm Troupe Competition & Rising Star Competition

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Full Weekend Pass: Fri, Sat, Sun classes, 1 general gala show ticket/$285.00
Weekend Party Pass: Sat, Sun classes and 1 general gala show ticket/$245
Saturday or Sunday Day Pass/$185: All classes and lectures that day
Saturday or Sunday Tribal Trimming Pass/$165: Sharon Kihara, Lacey Sanchez, Karim Nagi, Karolina Lux, Aaliyah Jenny C & lunch lecture for the day registered
Saturday or Sunday Bugle Beads & Mirrors/$165: Jillina, Lisa Zahiya, Khatayoun, Tiffani Ahdia, Nefertiti and Lunch lecture for day registered
Mini Supporter Pass (includes one Karim Nagi, one lunch lecture, and tshirt)/$80
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Sharon Kihara – Long and Strong!  Extend and Lengthen, Stretch and Strengthen: This is the class that says “Good Morning!” to your body!  Drawing on inspiration from  ballet,  barre, yoga and other muscle-toning activities, we will enjoy a lovely workout with a special focus on creating long, lean muscles.  As we become more flexible our range of motion opens for us, and the lines of the body become clearer and clearer.  This class is a kick-start to your own daily practice

Jillina  – Sensational Sharqi: This choreography is filled with variety of traveling steps, strong hip technique and flow. You will not only strengthen your technique but also deepen your understanding of Arabic music. There will be emphasis on personal aesthetics, musicality and personal expression.

Karim Nagi – Arabic Folk Dance Intensive: This class is an intensive introduction to the traditional group dances from the Arab world. These dances are primarily unisex, and emphasize synchronicity and group cohesion. This workshop includes Dabka Line Dance, Basic Tahteeb/Assaya Cane Dance, and the group-healing ritual motions found in Zikr and Zar practices. Each dance is taught efficiently as an introduction to the style, and is an initiation into possible future study. These dances are less glamourous than the performance-oriented heroism of the solo dances found in the Arab world. These are the dances done by “The People” in social, celebratory, and spiritual group settings. They can be taught to dancers at any level, as both a cultural and artistic experience. The group movements and concepts can later be extrapolated into performance-calibre skills and themes.


Jillina – Poco Loco Percussion: Not your everyday drum solo! This choreography begins with fun and funky fusion moves before transitioning into powerful Arabic percussion. We will breakdown several shimmy techniques and play with layering and stylization. This a great routine to add to your practice or performance repertoire.

Lacey Sanchez – ATS, ITS, Tribal Style Improv What does it all mean?? We all know where this beautiful dance form started, with American Tribal Style by Carolena Nericcio but since it’s inception there have been many variations that at times can be a bit confusing to dancers. Let Lacey break down all of the movements and help you to see all of the possibilities available to you!

Alliyah Jenny- Our Authentic Selves: What is your Story? How do we achieve authenticity when we perform? This workshop focuses on the balance between universal themes and our personal stories when we present a theatrical fusion piece. Exercises in projection, acting, physicality, meditation are just a few methods explored.

Karolina Lux – Le Shimmy!Vaudeville for Belly Dancers: You enjoy belly dance, and you’ve heard of  Vaudeville. Both art forms exult in the beauty of femininity, grace, flirtatiousness, the divine feminine, and FUN! Though similar in essence, the styles are very different in performance. Le Shimmy helps you bring the playful qualities of  vaudeville performance to your dance, while keeping your belly dance routine tasteful, classy, and empowering. We will start with some history of vaudeville  and its overlapping roots with belly dance, move on to some fun warm-ups to pump your expressions up to larger-than-life proportions, learn a short choreography, and close with some techniques for converting your wardrobe easily and affordably into tastefully risqué costumes. In your next performance, you’ll shimmy, blow a kiss….and leave ‘em wanting more!

Katayoun – Persian Dance Choreography: Ghassemabadi/Gilaki (Rice Harvest Dance) Dance style from Northern Iran, Ghassemabadi is the dance of the women’s work of planting and harvesting rice. This ancient folkloric dance tells a story that continues to resonate with the modern woman. In this workshop, students will become familiar with the distinct flavor of this fun and popular dance. Learn the story of the working woman as it is told through the choreography utilizing many gestures and arms movements. Participants also have the opportunity to learn and refine group formations, turns and floor work. Ballet shoes and knee-pads recommended.

Paolo Garbanzo – Lighting 101
Let Paolo show you what to tell the lighting person at the show to make you look great. (And enable you to help others do the same). Get basic strategies to get the best results out of your lighting situation. Explore color options, lighting angles, and how to make the best choices with what you have, from home studio to big stage.

Lisa Zahiya – I’ve Got 99 Problems, But a Shimmy Ain’t One: The shimmy is a quintessential and defining part of bellydance and creates a dynamic and interesting performance. Lisa will cover a variety of shimmy technique, proper usage, creating variety, level changes, layering and more.

Sharon Kihara – Tribal Fusion Strengthening – Technical clinic: Let’s get in there and clean our technique!  This clinic is perfect for the Tribal Fusion dancer wishing to add to their skill set, or for any experienced dancer desiring more polish and refinement for their performances.  Starting with a very warming drill session, we will work through the entire body top to toes, cleaning our lines and finding our balance in order to execute more advanced moves such as fast turns and spins, clean musical layers and accents, flutters and more.  Includes traveling across the floor, mat work, and yoga.

Katayoun – Khaleeji & Bandari (Persian Gulf): These dance styles from opposite sides of Khaleej Fars, or Persian Gulf, share nearly identical steps, but each has a different flavor of movements  and music. In this compare-and-contrast workshop, you will learn steps used in both dances as well as steps that are unique to each dance, complete with distinct nuance and cultural expression of each style. Explore these variations of music and movement flavors as we discuss costuming, context and presentation for a stand-along folkloric number and how to incorporate these dances into your Oriental show.

Tiffani Ahdia – Ballet for Bellydancers: Because of the strong emphasis in muscle control and alignment, the art of ballet has influenced many dance styles around the world, including bellydance. Even Mahmoud Reda recognized the benefits of adding ballet nuances to his choreographies and training! In the class, Tiffani will guide you through various ballet warm-ups and exercises specifically designed to give bellydancers of all levels an awareness of your body alignment, stronger shimmy, more controlled/quicker turns, increased flexibility and balance, awareness of feet, and more graceful hands and arms. In addition, we will put these new concepts to practice and create traditional Egyptian combinations that mix unique body positioning to make your movements more interesting. This class is designed for all levels and all styles!


Jillina – Rak and Romance: Learn a delicious routine to the hottest music! Flowing between soft lyrics moves to percussive powerful accents. Enjoy the richness of the music and how it relates to the expression in the dance.

Lacey Sanchez – Folkloric Fun with Finger Cymbals: Inspired by Hahbi Ru and Bal Anat. join Lacey for an earthy exploration of combinations and finger cymbal patterns to put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face!

Nefertiti- Take Me To Tarib: What is Tarib?, Is it just facial expressions? Have you asked yourself these and other questions on Tarib? This class is just for you. First time offered at ECC, Nefertiti will be teaching transformational concepts on Tarib as it relates to dancers. Learn practical exercises on being one with yourself, audience & band.
Learn a beautiful chorography that will push your emotional limits as a performer
Lose yourself in the music. Learn about Tarib music and dance.

Karolina Lux – Look Alive! Theatrical Expression for Belly Dancers: In vaudeville dance theater, everything is larger than life! You can get silly and push your expressions to new extremes! This workshop will focus on addressing your face as a whole aspect of your dance that is sometimes neglected. It will use a series of facial warm-ups, drills to relax your whole body, and leave you connecting to a natural, more dynamic presence on stage. This workshop is structured as a clinic, using the “4 C’s of Noting You’re Emoting” to target common trouble spots.

Lisa Zahiya – Hip Hop Fusion: Start with basic hip hop movements and techniques and how to effectively fuse them with bellydance, then learn a combination. Learn the style that won Lisa the title of Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer of the Universe! Be prepared to get funky and sweat.

Tiffani Ahdia – Mahraganat Shaabi: This latest dance craze is sweeping the bellydance world! Mahraganat Shaabi (or electro-shaabi) is the newest genre to come out of Cairo’s music scene. Dancers will learn authentic choreography that will have them dancing like they grew up in Egypt! This workshop covers a background of the music and dance style, popular artists, tips for choosing music and costuming, technique and stylization, and cultural gestures seen in shaabi!

Paul Garbanzo- Pay Taxes like an Artist! Are you a working artist, or just want to pay taxes like one? Find out what the heck to do with all those reciepts you’ve been saving! Learn what to do with a Schedule C, SE, and anything else you might need to know about filing your taxes like an artist. Sounds Fun? It could save you money! Paolo Garbanzo, tax smartguy, shows you how to do it yourself.

 Karim Nagi – Musicality for Dancers: Despite any mastery of technique and bodily dexterity, true dance expression requires musicality. The best dancers are those who emulate the music into their own movement. Karim will demystify Arab music for the dancer. Several recurring themes in Arab music will be identified (using recorded examples) and explained in emotive, non musical terms. The class will cover Taksim, Melodic Themes, Vocal vs Instrumental Songs, Rhythms & Rhythmic Changes, Melodic Modulation, Song Structure, Orchestration and Instrumentation. Karim will guide the students through several songs and lead them in dancing to each of these themes. This is a movement class that will help the dancer become the physical personification of the music.

Sharon Kihara – Shazam! Drum Solos are better than COFFEE!!! I realize the strength of this statement, and it’s true!  This original, fresh solo is filled with new, possibly unexpected combos and will enhance your dance, fill you with energy, and challenge the brain.  This full-length choreography includes Tribal style movements, Oriental technique, a few surprises and a sense of humor!  Intricate technique is the name of the game, and while this dance is suitable for experienced belly dancers, all are welcome to participate!

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