Your workshop instructors:

Petite Jamilla - Simplified Spinning and Double Veil, Drum Solo Technique

Moria Chappell - Tribal Fusion Fundamentals, Serpentine

Madame Onça - Theatricality Is The Future, Get Saucy – Revere and Reveal Your Feminine Side

Ziah Ali  - Tunisian, Fancy Folk Footwork

Kaitlyn - Making Shapes and Covering Space, Sassy Saidi Combos Choreography

Ayascha - 1001 Shimmies, Oriental Samba

Taaj fi Qalbi – How to Get And Keep the Gig, Business Smarts For Entertainers

Eric Blohm – Beginner Riqq for Belly Dancers



9:00 – 11 Moria Chappell – Tribal Fusion Fundamentals
11 – 12:30 Ziah Ali – Tunisian /// Ayascha - Samba Orientale
lunch lecture: Taaj fi Qalbi – Business Smarts for Entertainers
1:30 – 3:30 Petite Jamilla – Drum Solo Techniques
3:30 – 5 Kaitlyn – Sassy Saaidi /// Madame Onça – Get Saucy

9:00 – 11 Petite Jamilla – Simplified Spinning & Double Veil
11 – 12:30 Ayascha – 1001 Shimmies /// Madame Onça – Theatricality is the Future
lunch lecture: Taaj fi Qalbi – How to Get and Keep the Gig
1:30 – 3:30 Moria Chappell – Serpentine
3:30 – 5 Ziah Ali – Fancy Folk Footwork /// Eric Blohm – Beginning Riqq /// Kaitlyn - Making Shapes and Covering Space



Simplified Spinning and Double Veil: Join Petite Jamilla in her simple instruction of Double Veil usage and simplified spinning techniques designed to give you impressive command of her famous belly dance prop! PJ breaks down the movements and combinations in an understandable way at an intermediate pace. Utilizing visualization and meditation techniques, you can expect to leave this workshop with the tools to put together YOUR OWN Double Veil choreography. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN SEMI-CIRCLE VEILS TO THIS CLASS!

Drum Solo Techniques: In this workshop, Petite Jamilla will break down a few combinations which will help any dancer looking for a fresh new perspective on Drum Solo’s! Utilizing both slow and saucy interpretations with sharp and crisp accents, PJ’s modern take on an ageless belly dance staple will help you give your drum solo a facelift. The music used will be from Issam Houshan, the song is Marouatte Maqsoum. Bring a notebook to refresh your memory of combo’s later.


Tribal Fusion Fundamentals: teaches the posturing, hand articulation, essential combinations, and spinning techniques that comprise the foundation of tribal fusion belly dance. In this fun and informative workshop, Moria teaches lifted postures and torso articulations as well as arm positioning and hip movements as they combine to form fusion combinations. / For those dancers who are new to tribal fusion or those who are looking for new fusion combinations and fresh inspiration, Moria will methodically, comprehensively, and creatively teach drills, patterns, and choreography that will help dancers invigorate their newfound fusion expression.

Serpentine: is a study in the sultry and strong combinations that comprise slow tribal dancing. In this portion of the instruction, dancers will learn the flexibility and strength required to make slow, fluid movements that drip from combination to combination. Bellyrolls, half-sided belly isolations, and reverse bellyrolls will be featured as well as how to integrate these subtle muscular isolations into movements that read strongly on stage. Liquid arms and body flow, facial and hand expression, as well as maintaining a strong posture from the upper back are emphasized. Dancers will learn control and isolation while dancing with the grace and strength required for slow techniques. They will visualize receiving movement through one part of their body while keeping the audience’s attention as they send it out to create expression from their face through their fingertips.


Tunisian: Tunisian Dance is action packed full of interesting patterns of hip twists and foot work. Ziah will put you through your paces with this action packed class, not only learning many of the patterns, but learning how they can be an exciting addition to your regular dance practice.

Fancy Folk Footwork: Want the musicality that dancers from “over there” have? They grew up doing folk dances to Eastern music and those experiences are layered into their “belly dance”. You can have the same skills! The class will cover folk dance patterns and putting belly dance moves on top, this will call on your mental and physical endurance.


Theatricality is the Future: Our beloved artform is more accessible to the public when we tell stories through dance. Is it time for your practice to make the leap into theatrical bellydance? Need the tools to express yourself, your vision and your art more fully? This concept-driven class is taking daring dancers along new paths to theatricality, an amazing countryside of consciousness that spans everything from comedy to ritual. Play theater games, express emotions for the stage, explore staging concepts. Dance as if everything depends upon your authenticity. This class is GREAT for getting dancers laughing, building community, and making memories.

Get Saucy! Revere & Reveal your Sensual Side: Our sensuality is a creative force to be reckoned with, and yet sometimes, even in our brave, beloved BellyDance, we forget to Revere and Reveal our saucy, sensual side. Let’s release the tiger from its cage! In so doing, we will delight and connect with our adoring audiences, and heal and empower ourselves. Taking a fearless page from the burlesque sisterhood, we’ll learn some sexytastic danceable combos, workshop them, and stun ourselves with our unapologetic sauciness!


Making Shapes and Covering Space: This workshop explores concepts of making shapes in your dance: using steps, traveling moves, shimmies, and arm movements to use space dynamically. Learn to use and apply geometric shapes and patterns to explore new ways to use your space and moving your body.

Sassy Saidi Combos to Choreography: Utilizing the Assaya and the stylizations of the Reda Troupe, explore the playful and earthy quality of Egyptian Saidi folk dancing. Learn the fundamentals of how to utilize the Assaya as well as steps and combinations that draw on the Reda Troupe’s signature style and integrate these elements into your next routine or solo improv performance.


1001 Shimmy: No, we will not learn 1001 shimmies today, but 12 different shimmies, which are the basic for a challenging drum solo, we will create. We learn not only the popular basic hippshimmy and schouldershimmies, but also the ghawazee Shimmy, the saudi shimmy … Basic technique and the exact explanation of the construction guarantee a happy shaking and sweating.

Oriental Samba: A fusion between oriental dance steps and movements and Brazilian expression to the fabulous hit by Ruben Gomez “Baila Con Migo”. The temperament of South America combined here in an interesting way with the magic of the Orient. Pure pleasure.